Candles 'lavender' made of natural wax with lavender essential oil (3 pieces)

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3 'lavender' taper candles with organic lavender essential oil.

Conventional taper candles are often made from paraffin wax, releasing toxins into the air when burned. Our taper candles, like all our candles, are made from natural wax and free from pollutants.

Handcrafted from pure soy and rapeseed wax sourced from Europe. The wick is made of cotton. Each set includes 3 candles.

Approximate burning time per candle: 8 hours.

Dimensions: approximately 20cm tall, approximately 2cm in diameter.

All our candles are free from paraffin, phthalates, and lead. Since they are handmade, the products may not always be identical and their burning duration may vary.

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• soy wax
• rapeseed wax
• cotton wick
• organic lavender essential oil

We source our wax exclusively from Europe

To ensure your candle lasts long, pay attention to the following:

• Trim the wick before each new lighting
• Remove any impurities from the wax before lighting the candle (e.g., wick residues)
• Give the candle an occasional break, and it will last longer

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