about oeá

looking for the small, special moments...

oeá is a mother and daughter company that has discovered a passion for unique, handmade products, reminding us that even through small moments, we can escape the hectic everyday life.

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It's important to us that our products inspire others to step out of the 'hustle mode' and give themselves a moment of peace. To reconnect with ourselves, with what truly defines us.

oeá means 'goddess', derived from the Greek word θεά (pronounced 'thea'). We are convinced that we are close to our true selves when we consciously spend time with ourselves.

how it all started

The studio at the lake

The foundation for oeá was laid over 10 years ago when we started making soap. However, things really took off just over two years ago when, surrounded by nature, we finally had a soap kitchen to call our own.

We've always been inspired by nature and firmly believe that our well-being depends on reducing stress in our daily lives and using healthy products.

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Our wish is simple: We want to help destress your home, encourage you to incorporate more calm into your everyday life, all through simple tools.

Essentially, we just want you to be lazy more often.

With that in mind, we wish you a lot of fun picking out your new favorite products.

Your oeá team.