Candle 'vanilla oat' with vanilla and orange scent (240g)

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A warm, sensual fragrance, with hints of sweet fruit. Our vanilla oat candle represents comfort and coziness with a good dose of inspiration. Vanilla has an unmistakable sweetness, which in combination with orange is reminiscent of caramel or a warm dessert note.

We use essential organic orange oil and natural vanilla aroma, which consists of essential oils and is also approved for natural cosmetics. Like all our candles, it is made from European soy and rapeseed wax and an untreated wooden wick.

Burning time approx. 25-30h.

Height: 8.5cm; Diameter: 8cm

All our candles are paraffin, phthalate and lead free. Since these are handmade products, the products are not always identical and can also vary in their burning time.

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• soy wax
• rapeseed wax
• organic orange essential oil
• vanilla fragrance from natural essential oils
• poppy seeds
• wooden wick (untreated)
• concrete

We source our wax exclusively from Europe

To ensure your candle lasts long, pay attention to the following:

• Allow the candle to burn for at least 2 hours, ensuring the wax on the surface liquefies and prevents tunneling
• The maximum burn time should not exceed 4 hours. Let the wax solidify again before relighting
• Trim the wick before each new lighting

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