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how we achieve transparency

In today's fast-paced world, where convenience is often more important than knowledge, it's easy to overlook the origin and composition of the products we buy. We've gotten used to the lack of transparency, we don't know where our purchases come from, who made them or what ingredients they contain. But there is a growing movement that is demanding greater accountability and honesty from brands. At oeá we firmly believe in the importance of transparency of all our products.

The need for transparency

In an era dominated by mass production and global supply chains, consumers often remain in the dark about the true origins of the products they buy. Many companies prioritize profits over ethical practices and this leads to poor working conditions, pollution and the use of potentially harmful ingredients. This lack of transparency is not only disempowering for consumers, but also perpetuates a cycle of ignorance.

supply chain

We understand the importance of responsible sourcing. We try to select our suppliers carefully, and things like fair working conditions, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are important to us.

production processes

Transparency is the foundation of our production process. We believe in sharing our techniques and showcasing the craft that goes into every candle and soap we make. By offering detailed insights into our production methods, we invite our customers to experience the care and passion that goes into every single product.


We recognize the importance of knowing exactly what ingredients are in the products we use. That's why we provide comprehensive ingredient lists for all of our candles and soaps. We value natural and sustainable ingredients and avoid the use of harsh chemicals, parabens and other harmful additives. Our commitment to transparency ensures you can make informed decisions about the products you bring into your home.

We firmly believe that our customers should know the story behind their favorite products. We strive to be transparent and provide a clear insight into the journey of our products. Of course we often reach our limits - especially for small companies it is often difficult to get the right suppliers and ingredients and still be competitive. We look forward to everyone joining us on our journey to make oeá a responsible, sustainable company.