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sustainability & eco friendly materials

At a time when the impact of our actions on the environment is becoming increasingly clear, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. As a consumer goods manufacturer, we recognize the challenges our world faces and are passionate about working towards a more sustainable future.

The selection of environmentally friendly materials is a central part of our sustainability strategy. We try to avoid synthetic materials of any kind and rely on biodegradable materials. Our candle holders are made of concrete, which is disposed of as a waste product in the construction industry - in the future we would like to become even more sustainable and switch to other materials.

We also rely on biodegradable or recycled packaging - both for our product packaging and for our shipping boxes. We have had a special grass box made for our soaps, which is currently the most sustainable packaging option on the market. We avoid plastic wherever possible and we also pay attention to smart sourcing when purchasing our materials - buying in larger quantities so that packaging is saved.

Our products should help you to make everyday life a little more sustainable - our soaps do not require any additional packaging and are made almost exclusively from organically certified raw materials. Our candles are refillable, so you can use our concrete vessels several times.

We want to create products that are not only high quality and aesthetically pleasing, but also as sustainable as possible. We invite you to join us on this journey and make conscious choices that respect the environment. Together we can try to make the consumer goods market a little more mindful.